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​We'll  have pastured quail, turkeys, geese, and ducks available again to be the centerpiece of your 2021 holiday meals.

In September, we will have quail. For November and December baskets you can  choose from turkey, goose, and duck. Order yours today!


Makle your September cookout special, with quail cooked on the grill. Our coturnix quail. Each quail will weigh less than a pound, so plan on one per grown up meat eating guest. The quail are $30 for two.

In November and December, you can choose from:


Our turkeys won’t get as large as conventional birds—estimated at 6 to 19 pounds. But they more than compensate with dark, rich meat. Assume one pound of heritage turkey per person—this accounts for bone weight—as the centerpiece of your meal.


Our turkeys are $10 per pound. When you order your turkey, we’ll ask for a $50 deposit. We’ll let you know how big your turkey is and the final price a day or so before we deliver, and collect the balance then.


Toulouse geese are a European breed that are known to cook up deliciously. We expect ours to finish at about 9 to 11 pounds, the right size to feed about 9 to 11 people—or less with a lot of left-overs!

Our geese are $175 each.


Our ducks are about 3-5 pounds, suitable for a meal of 3-5 people or fewer.

Our ducks are $40 each.

If you are interested in busying only organ meat, please contact us for details.

To order your 2021 holiday bird, fill our an order form today!

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