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We’re a queer family farm in the South Sound committed to cultivating generosity alongside unique and rare breeds of plants and animals for food. Our human scale farm is a celebration of the region’s bounty. We started farming in Yelm in 2019 and sold our first Yelm raised products in 2020.

If fate and nature conspire accordingly, in 2021 we’ll have pork and eggs again in spring and farm fresh special occasion baskets with pastured poultry options for September, November, and December.

Our Story: Our Farm


We aim to connect real people to real food.

​Our perfect Farm isn’t about the perfection of a perfectly round tomato, a specific size apple, or huge amounts of huge animals. Our perfect Farm’s perfection is about encouraging appreciation and deep connection to the way food happens.

We are using regenerative agricultural principles. Our approach to regenerative agriculture is about taking the perfect systems nature has developed and using them to create a sustainable farm.


The Regenerative Agriculture Foundation defines Regenerative Agriculture as “any practice, process or management technique which serves to enhance the functioning of the systems on which it relies. This includes increasing the functioning of core ecosystem cycles such as energy, water and minerals by enhancing biological function. It also includes improving the economic and social systems on which we all rely. In other words, any practice that makes the land, community and bottom-line healthier year after year is regenerative. In this way it is based on outcomes, not practices, distinguishing it from most sustainable/conservation agriculture efforts."

As much as we are on a team with each other and our customers, we are on a team with the land and local wildlife. We want to use ecologically sane practices to work in harmony with the local environment.

Our Story: Mission
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Our perfect Farm started in 2016 in the side yard of our house in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Shaun’s final school project, completing a program at The Evergreen State College, was a micro-CSA proof of concept, providing produce for us and for several friends.

We came to our relationship with independent dreams of building a farm. Our perfect Farm is the manifestation of the new shared dream we created to have one together.

In 2019, we moved our vision and our farming dreams to Yelm.

Our Story: History
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