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Going from whole hog to pork chops

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Here at Our perfect Farm, we sell our pastured heritage pork in the form of a half or whole animal.

Before slaughter, the weight of the hogs is called “live weight.”

We coordinate with a local USDA certified mobile abattoir, or slaughter facility, to come to the farm to slaughter the animals and do initial processing. This is the most humane option for the animals, allowing them to spend their whole lives munching away at home without the addition of a stressful trip to an offsite abattoir.

After this initial processing, the weight of the hogs is called “carcass weight.” This is the weight that the customer pays the farmers for.

After the initial processing here on the farm, the same mobile abattoir vehicle takes the carcasses to a local butcher shop where they do the final cut and wrap to our customers’ specifications. Customers coordinate directly with the butcher shop about specific cuts, with a bit of help from your farmers (us!) if needed.

After final processing, the weight of the cut and wrapped pork is called “meat weight.” This is the weight that the customers pay the butcher shop for.

When the butcher shop has finished, the customer picks up the final wrapped packages from the shop.

Here’s a little chart to help you get a sense of how these weights all relate to one another.

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