One way you can connect to the bounty of the Puget Sound region is with a special occasion meal basket from Our perfect Farm. In 2021 we have baskets for your September, November, and December holiday meals.

​Each basket is designed to be enough to serve about four people at a holiday gathering.


The September baskets will include items for a holiday cookout, including:

·         Salsa vegetables

·         Skewer vegetables

·         Potato salad vegetables

·         Green salad vegetables

·         A melon

·         A watermelon (if the fates are kind!)

·         Corn (gods willing!)

·         Ground cherries



We are planning for each November basket to include:

·         Winter squash, including pie pumpkin

·         Brussels sprouts, kale, or collards

·         Garlic, onions, chives, and shallots

·         Carrots

·         Celeriac (with some information about how to use it)

·         Fresh beans

·         Potatoes

·         Foraged pie fruit

·         Decorative gourd (fingers crossed!)



We are planning for each December basket to include:

·         Winter squash

·         Carrots

·         Thyme and oregano

·         Garlic, onions, shallots, and leeks

·         Potatoes

·         Parsnips and rutabaga

·         Popcorn

·         Yule log



You can add eggs to your September basket.

You can also add a dressed bird to your basket. If you want to add a bird, you can choose from pastured quail available in September and pastured turkeys, geese, and ducks in November and December.

We’ll have pricing information available in early 2021 and start taking orders in the spring.